I learnt the basics of MySQL in college. At Microtec, I used almost solely Firebird SQL (there’s a link there if you hover over it). Microtec’s long history of using Borland tools made Firebird the logical RDBMS to develop with.

I had the opportunity to go to Prague in October 2014 for an international Firebird conference. It dealt with the new features in Firebird 3.0 while allowing me to get to know other members of the small Firebird community.

I also learnt SQLite while developing for mobile platforms. Developing with Delphi XE6 offered the possibility to use InterBase ToGo but using SQLite, an open-sourced, free RDBMS with lots of help online, seemed a better choice.

I’m familiar with Apache Derby too, and its use and implementation inside a Java project. Also starting on MongoDB.