I’ve used two main IDEs for desktop dev:

  • C++Builder 5 using the VCL framework. An old but stable IDE, fast and responsive. Despite its lack of support, it is still possible to build large projects in this environment.
  • C++ and Delphi XE6 using Firemonkey framework for mobile applications support, as well as VCL. Used when Builder 5’s components were found lacking. New sets of updated components allow more possibilities.

These applications mostly used Firebird databases.

The projects I’ve worked on include :

  • Large ERP systems, allowing the customer to control product stocks, production and sales. The ERP consisted of closely tailored modules for each range of activity of the business, developed on site so as to best fit the client’s requirements.
  • Reporting utilities, allowing the customer to view sales, its own customers over a given period, create statistical models from them etc.

Customer support was a big part of the development process of each project, as the software needed to stay as relevant and precise as possible in an ever changing working environment.