My Firefox addon

If you're a developer, and you're like me, then you're sick and tired of getting distracted by StackOverflow's right hand menu every time you visit the site. Not anymore! Download my addon to remove it:

JavaScript – The Good Parts

There are two kinds of JS developers: the ones who code to make it work, and the ones who code to use it to its full power and use it well. I'd like to be one of the latter. So I picked up Oreilly's JavaScript: The Good Parts and am reading my way through


I'm really into Metasploit at the moment. Security has always fascinated, ever since I was a kid, more than anything else I've ever done, and I'd love to master pentesting someday. I spent most of yesterday afternoon getting it all set up - Metasploit, the framework, a few VMs too. All ready to go now!

Data science

On March 1st, I successfully completed a course entitled The data scientist's toolbox on Coursera. This tutorial allowed me to learn the fundamentals of data science. Next step : learning